What is Constructional Life Coaching? How can I benefit from this?

According to the Dictionary:
Construction means a process or manner of constructing something, a thing built, or something put together out of separate pieces.
Coaching is to tutor, instruct, direct, or prompt.
I define Constructional Coaching as the Rebuilding (of life) through guidance. With prompts, and direction, you begin to find your own course; I’m just a tour guide. I listen, ask, and then show you options as to directions you can go, and you choose what works for you.

Why Choose Coaching

As the client, you are the expert of your life and needs. As your Coach, together, we find what your personal goals are:

  • What choices are you making that aren’t working for you?
  • What is working for you?
  • What makes you happy?

By discovering the obstacles or challenges, you face, we can work together to make the change. Obstacles become an opportunity, and challenges become possibilities for success.

Here are just some topics we can cover:

  • Self Esteem
  • Career Changes or Challenges
  • Balance in Life
  • Anger / Stress
  • Grief / Loss
  • Disability of Self or Spouse
  • Loving Relationships

What are Obstacles and Challenges?


Obstacle: something that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress

Challenge: something that needs great mental or physical effort to be done successfully and therefore tests a person’s ability


Often we don’t even know that these are present. We just carry on until these become too large to handle.

We will look for tools and opportunities to move forward, passed the status quo that has been set up to this point.

What are your Challenges?

Your Obstacles?